Rare Lamborghini Motorcycle In Its Classic Red Color Fails To Be Sold at UK Auction

Posted On : 10-03-2018

When you think of luxury sport cars, you think Ferrari. You think Bugatti, you think Lamborghini. But did you know one of these automobile manufacturers delved into the art of motorcycle manufacturing?

The Lamborghini Design 90 #2 went to the auction and failed to sell, proving to still be unpopular like the original 90 concept in 1986.

(Image: H&H Auctions)


Patrick Mimran and brother Jean Claude purchased a failing Lamborghini in 1981 for three million and immediately started investing heavily in the company’s expansion. Under their management came the Lamborghini Design 90, a motorcycle that was released in ’86 in partnership with Boxer Design, then known as Boxer Bikes.
The Toulouse-based builder produced six concepts using Kawasaki engines (of various displacements) and an aluminum frame designed by Claude Fior all wrapped in a fiberglass fairing.

The 1986 Lamborghini Design 90 by Boxer Design, made under the management of Patrick Mimran.

(Image: GT Spirit)


Lamborghini and Boxer accepted about 50 orders (at a price of US$13,500 each), but the project was soon shelved and Mimran sold the company to Chrysler in 1987.

The Lamborghini Design 90’s second concept, based on the Italian manufacturer’s 25th Anniversary Countach was found on the auction block in the U.K. on March 4, 2018. But as we have seen before, history tends to repeat itself and the classic-red Lamborghini motorbike failed to sell.

With a starting price of £42,500, lot 26 was estimated to fetch between £85,000 and £90,000 in H&H Classic’s National Motorcycle Museum Auction but remained unsold as the auction closed.

What a shame as the 997cc bike under the frame number ‘BOXERL002’ was largely unused by its previous owner, which means it’s probably still in mint condition and a paltry 4,500 miles still on its clock.

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