Our previous article featured Harley-Davidson and their launch of their latest flat track racing bike, the XG750R. Today, SGBikeMart reports on a possible new bike launch from Yamaha, where they could release the new and updated YZF-R6 as early as 2017. 


History of the YZF-R6

We first got a peek at the bike as early as 2008, where early reviews stated that it was an excellent, fun and easy bike to race with. 



Yamaha continued to tweak the bike and in 2010, they released a modified version of the bike that made it more of a mid-range power bike rather than to continue pushing its top-range power. For example, they added a longer exhaust pipe, reduced the fuel capacity and added a little bit more weight to it. 


What’s next?


Nothing has been confirmed regarding this 2017 release, but remember that a similar bike, the YZF-R1 had a major update in 2014/2015 and analysts reckon that the 600cc R6 is due for one too. 



 Time to dress me up!


Electronic additions are expected to play a big part in the 2017 launch (if that actually happens), with launch and wheelie control, together with engine braking modulation included. If the R6 update looks to be similar to the R1’s, then we can also expect Yamaha to include an IMU, which they claim will allow the biker to ride with “extreme precision and without distraction[s]”. 


The MV Agusta is still considered by many to be the most technologically advanced bike in the 600cc class, but if Yamaha includes all of the above-mentioned updates, we think that it has great potential to compete with the MV Agusta for that title. 


Now who’s excited? We sure are.