For the first time in 44 years, Harley-Davidson has launched a brand new flat track racing bike: the Harley-Davidson XG750R.



The bike premiered on 29 May (Sunday) at the AMA Pro Flat Track Springfield Mile in Illinois and was raced by official Factory Team Rider Davis Fisher. Fisher commented that the XG750R accelerates fast and with its rev limiter, he was not scared to fold the valves.


Bike Specifications Engine:

Fuel-injected, liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson Revolution X 750cc V-twin engine (modified for racing)

Chassis: modified by Vance & Hines Motorsports Absence of of street-going switchgear and front brakes



Yup, you got that right; because there are no front brakes, the XG750R cannot be used for regular street use and unfortunately, Harley-Davidson has said that they do not plan to release a street-use version to all us bike junkies out there. Oh no. Racing Manager over at Harley-Davidson Kris Schoonover has stated that the XG750R has “shown great potential in testing and the first few races this season”, but acknowledges that they will continue to improve the bike with time.



Hopefully, they will have a change of mind soon and release a street-use version for us all to use! I will really look forward to that day; let’s all keep our fingers crossed!