Worrying if the cost of bikes will increase? Fret not, for we have the perfect solution for you. Hilco Industrial is putting many items up for auction, and some of these items include motorbikes. Some of the other items that will be put up for sale also include various types of office furniture, projectors and mini refrigerators.


Salivating yet? The auction will take place from 13 - 21 July 2016, so do hurry and place your bids before you miss the golden opportunity! Please note that all auction prices will be in USD.


Amidst all the gems that Hilco will be auctioning off, SGBikeMart has chosen to feature 8 bikes that we think you should really take a look at.


#1: The ALF150K



This nifty 150cc bike comes in the colour red, and also features a handy rear storage box for users to keep their helmets or other belongings. This bike has an electric start, has an automatic transmission, and has both front and rear disc brakes to aid in more effective braking.


#2: If you prefer an even smaller scooter, fret not - Hilco is also auctioning off the AVALON 125cc series of bikes in black and red colours.





#3: If you prefer smaller bikes but in more feminine colours (perhaps for the ladies), Hilco is also auctioning off a cute 125cc scooter that comes in the colours of yellow and white!





We don’t know about you; but the white scooter screams vintage. Definitely worth a consideration!


#4: ALF-F1 Fiesta 125cc



This bike, with its blue and white trimmings, has more of a sporty feel to it. It has an electric start, features front and rear disc brakes together with an automatic transmission.


#5: Campagna Motors T-REX 16s Reverse 3-Wheel




Totally reminds us of the batmobile, and even has the specs to match!


The T-REX features a BMW 1600cc engine with an inline 6 cylinder. The engine is 160 horsepower and the bike is covered with a carbon fiber shell. While the vehicle is in motion, 2 people can actually sit side by side, although the person sitting on the left will be the one controlling the vehicle.


DISCLAIMER: We’re not entirely sure if you will be allowed to ride these on Singapore roads. But whatever the case, if you have the extra moolah, this will certainly be an interesting addition to your collection. Who knows, the government might allow it one day and you can be one of the first to drive these on the roads and have bragging rights!


#6: ALF-G1 Neo Classic 125cc





Many scooters in Singapore are usually decked out in plain, old boring colours. However, these two selected bikes with their navy blue and bright red colours are definitely something more unusual and would suit someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.


#7: TRENT 150cc



We have never seen a bike with such a unique and interesting design before. Pick one of these up and you will definitely be the centre of attention wherever you go. Plus, it’s hard to believe that this is a 150cc bike - this means that it’s also budget friendly when you have to bid for your COEs. Yay!


#8: Three-wheeler electric motorcycle



Of course, we saved the best for last.




Are they not the novelest bikes ever? The navy blue bike can even seat 3 people and comes with an entertainment system.


DISCLAIMER: Once again, we’re not entirely sure if you will be allowed to ride these on Singapore roads.


Steps to placing your bid:


Create a free account if you have not done so.



Click on this link: https://www.hilcoind.com/sale/motorcycleassem/lot-catalog


Click on the ‘Register’ button at the left side of the page




Complete your registration for the auction



Please do take note that all motorbikes sold are WITHOUT license plates. This means that you will still have to bid for COE if you intend to use it on Singapore roads.


3 Reasons as to Why You Should Be Interested in This Auction


#1: You’re getting things on the cheap!



Come on la, scooters going only at USD250? There’s no other place you’ll get such a good deal at.


#2: It’s fun, fun, fun, fun

Auctions are not something that we do on a regular basis. So why not take this chance to participate in a real auction and bid for items that you will want to use? I mean, you can just bid for a printer at low-cost.


#3: It’s perfectly safe

The company conducting the auction, Hilco Industrial, is under the Hilco Global group of companies. Hilco Global is an American financial services company with over 30 years of experience. It currently operates more than 20 different businesses, Hilco Industrial being just one of the many.