MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster: Designed for Adrenaline Addicts

If you have been waiting for an adrenaline rush, this is the bike you have been looking for. The 2014 MV Agusta Brutale is a lean and mean machine! It is compact and yet powerful in its 800cc 125 hp engine. This 800cc dragster is a sports bike like no other. It is great for the road and for the circuit as well. It has a daring style that some low end motorcycles try to imitate. The style is highlighted by a pillion that looks to only accommodate.…
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Honda VFR800X Crossrunner. A new old twist.

Honda Crossrunner has generated a lot of talk in the motorcycle environment but now we have another twist, served as the basis for the bike VFR800F, deceased in 2009. VFR has always been a delicacy. For those who understand. Who feels and appreciates the "taste" of the V4, kneaded with excellent controllability and ease that is not available to any 1000cc bike or other 4 cilinders. Unfortunately, the consumer has won a stereotype and Honda refused…
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Kawasaki H2, Hype or a Revolution?

Last week, the motorcycle division of the Japanese corporation Kawasaki Heavy Industries posted on its YouTube-channel first video dedicated to the new H2 sportbikes. That has been surrounded completely by a lot of rumour talk, shady videos, and a lot of hype. Kawasaki wants that the new H2 to make history, something that his motorcycles have done in the past. This last few years Kawasaki has been fighting against dissapareance, they have retreated…
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2014 KTM 690 SMC R: Low Fuel Consumption Supermoto Streetbike

KTM Power Sports is a great company that has been on the rise in market sales. Their company philosophy is “Ready to Race”. The main headquarters of KTM is in Austria run by Stefan Pierer who took control of the company in 1992. Under his management, he re-launched with a mission to create bikes of excellent performance. Pierer is a well known personality in the automotive industry. He is widely respected and is a visionary.   KTM…
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Valentino Rossi secures a victory at his home

For second time in the seasons, Marc Marquez has lost a race, and this time, as well as in the race that lost against Dani Pedrosa. Marc Marquez was outside the box. He managed to salvage one point barely after biting the dust. Seems like Marc Marquez is a switch, is either ON or OFF. Unluckily for its rivals, he is almost ON. This race was more important than it looks, if Marc Marquez would have won this race it would have been very easy for him…
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Motorcycle News Update: World Ducati Week 2014

Motorcycle fans out there are not true motorcycle fans unless they know of an event which they at least will attend once in their lifetime. In Singapore, we have the BMW Motorcycle Club. Surely, they have events and activities all year round. One recent event was last August 17, 2014 wherein there was a meet up at Gelang Patah R&R Petron Station. Motorcycle events in Singapore this coming September is set for a 3 Nation Charity Ride (Singapore…
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2015 Yamaha FZ-07 Big Three Punch Combo: Low Price, Light Weight, Stylish Looks

Big Three Punch Combo: Low Price, Light Weight, Stylish Looks   The New Yamaha FZ 07 comes to no surprise when it sports its three punch combo: affordability, light weight and stylish looks. Out of the four Japanese motorcycle companies, Yamaha is the only one who appears to be bouncing back from the recession in 2008 by creating more exciting models which do not dig deep on the wallet.     The 2015 Yamaha FZ 07 is a perfect entry-level…
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Silverstone: It was all a dream

Back on the last race we saw something that has only happened one time during this entire season, Marc Marquez lost a race, and he didn't only loose it, he also was left out of the podium. Many thought that this might be the beginning of another championship where, Marc Marquez will win it, but his superiority would be as overwhelming as in this last races. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case as, once again, Marquez won…
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Italian Scooter: 2014 Vespa GTS 300 ie

 The 2014 Vespa GTS 300 ie is designed for style, comfort, safety and sturdiness. Petrol consumption is 29 km per liter and top speed can go as fast as 129 km per hour. The designers of this scooter made it the most powerful Vespa in the market. The style is a remembrance of early models and the two tone alloy wheels give it a sporty look. The instrumentations are analogue to give it a true racing style. You can easily see what your speed is…
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Indian resurrects the Indian Scout 70 years later.

The Indian scout is a faithful representative of what Indian wants, with a weight of 255 kg a very low height seat (643 mm) a very low center of gravity makes the motorcycle, at least on paper, very easy to ride. The first reviews done by magazines or websites indicate that this is true, the new Indian Scout feels and rides very forgiving, perfect for beginners. Just like its 1920 predecessor was, a small, light and powerful motorcycle.   The…
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