Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing A Motorbike

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing A Motorbike   Can you afford it?  What kind of person are you?  Do you care a lot about public image?  Do you really need a bike?   Getting your own ride, especially in the Singapore context, is always a big deal. Buying your own mode of transportation, whether it’s a car or a motorbike, requires some sort of significant financial muscle and commitment. As every driver and…
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Founder Of Excel Cycle Centre

Established in May 1996, Excel Cycle Centre is a one-stop place for all things motorcycle. It specialises in dealing well-known brands such as Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati. With its rich 19 years of experience, Excel Cycle Centre is definitely the place to go if you are looking for bigger-sized bikes amongst these brands.    Excel Cycle Centre was one of the pioneer supporters of SGBikeMart. Owner David Aw was eager to try out the new…
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Free RS Taichi RST402 Glove!

  You invest good money to get your dream bike. And just like women, they deserve to be treated with only the best.       MOTEUR 4T SUPREME is a well-rounded, high quality protection formula that focuses on increasing performance levels and protecting your bike. This formula is adapted for use in Singapore’s hot and humid climate, preventing oil degradation with thermal stability and delivering great results even under heat.…
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SGBikeMart's Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award

A CUT ABOVE THE REST - SGBikeMart   Being one of the most outstanding in the Business Field, SGBM Pte Ltd has been awarded with the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award. This award is awarded to recognise Business Organization for their accomplishment. It is a platform to award Small Medium Enterprises' as well as entrepreneurs'. This journey is tough and there will always be risk to it. However, having a dream that is overwhelming has overlap…
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Biaggi crashes while testing new software

Legend from MotoGP and WSB, Max Biaggi joined Aprilia riders Leon Haslam and Jordi Torres on track to test on a new software. This new software is to help in the future electronic regulations in MotoGP. However, the track appears to wet and slippery that day. Biaggi was riding a Aprilia RSV-4 that day on the slippery wet track. He made many succesful track exits when testing the software but finally lost the rear when entering a corner and landed…
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Guy Martin on Britten V1000

John Britten's masterpiece, Britten V1000. Testing this particular bike is one of the dream every rider would have, including Guy Martin. However, we don't normally get to ride it but Martin does. He rode it and had some fun riding it. Now lets how take back to how the bike was created.         Unfortunately, we don't get to ride and play with it. But, Guy Martin got to ride this amazing bike at Manfeild. This Britten v1000…
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Alex Marquez surprised Honda boss

Younger brother of the MotoGP world Champion, that is no one else but Alex Marquez. Alex took the Moto3 crown during 2014. Honda boss Shuhei Nakamoto was surprised of Alex's performance. He said that Alex has been growing and improving over the last two years in every single race. He said that Marc was more of a natural talented racer but Alex is a hardworking racer. Although Marc is also hardworking, but he has got advantage over Alex because of…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 13 - Final

It's the final. Ending the whole Dakar Rally was the victory of Marc Coma. 2 weeks, 13 stages, 1 death, many unlucky factors and happenings. Factory Red Bull rider, Marc Coma representing KTM took his fifth Dakar Rally win. Coma performance throughout the race was amazing. He did well in controlling and maintaining his pace. He was pretty consistent throughout. However he did met a problem like most of the competitor did, a badly worn out rear tyre…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 12 - Coming to an end soon

Dakar 2015 Stage 12, last second stage of the rally race. Stage 13 will be the final stage which will determine the winner and it will be held at South America. With all the amazing performances by all the competitor, Honda and KTM are now on par with the winnings. Both Honda and KTM have six wins each. It was Honda's Joan Barreda taking the lead until luck struck him down with some technical issues. This, then let KTM's Marc Coma to take the advantage…
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Michael Dunlop Will Race With New R1 Yamaha In 2015

It is set that Michael Dunlop, the 11 times Isle of Man TT winner, will race with the new Yamaha superbike, Yamaha YZF-R1. Michael said that he have seen the superbike and it looks neat to him. He is really looking forward to ride the new Yamaha YZF-R1. Many team are going after Michael, hoping to sign him but he was tempted by nothing but the new Yamaha superbike. In addition, he won his first TT using a Yamaha R6 in year 2009.   For many years,…
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