Dakar 2015 Stage 13 - Final

It's the final. Ending the whole Dakar Rally was the victory of Marc Coma. 2 weeks, 13 stages, 1 death, many unlucky factors and happenings. Factory Red Bull rider, Marc Coma representing KTM took his fifth Dakar Rally win. Coma performance throughout the race was amazing. He did well in controlling and maintaining his pace. He was pretty consistent throughout. However he did met a problem like most of the competitor did, a badly worn out rear tyre…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 12 - Coming to an end soon

Dakar 2015 Stage 12, last second stage of the rally race. Stage 13 will be the final stage which will determine the winner and it will be held at South America. With all the amazing performances by all the competitor, Honda and KTM are now on par with the winnings. Both Honda and KTM have six wins each. It was Honda's Joan Barreda taking the lead until luck struck him down with some technical issues. This, then let KTM's Marc Coma to take the advantage…
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Michael Dunlop Will Race With New R1 Yamaha In 2015

It is set that Michael Dunlop, the 11 times Isle of Man TT winner, will race with the new Yamaha superbike, Yamaha YZF-R1. Michael said that he have seen the superbike and it looks neat to him. He is really looking forward to ride the new Yamaha YZF-R1. Many team are going after Michael, hoping to sign him but he was tempted by nothing but the new Yamaha superbike. In addition, he won his first TT using a Yamaha R6 in year 2009.   For many years,…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 11 - One step closer to being champion

Dakar Rally is coming to an end soon, with Marc Coma, Paolo Goncalves and Toby Price being the top 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the overall standings. Coma is now another step closer to taking the seat. The KTM rider was just 5 minutes away from his biggest rival, Goncalves. However, Goncalves was given a penalty time of 15 minutes for swapping engine on his bike. This, then gave Coma a huge benefit. KTM mentioned that they hope that they…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 10 - Joan Barreda took the win

Once again, Joan Barreda took the win again. He might not be in the top 10 of the overall standings but this is his third stage win. He is on killing spree. He remains in a tip top form as he took stage 10 away for Honda. He was really unlucky to be caught up in technical issues. On the other hand, Marc Coma is still very very consistent with his performance. He did well on almost all stages.    Dakar 2015 Top 10 from Stage 10  Position…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 9 - Closing up on the top

After a hectic and dramatic Stage 8, the racer compete Stage 9, from Iquique to Calama, Chile. It was definitely not an easy race as the sand, dunes and dust is really a tough test for the racers. All racers will be tested to their limit. This will in fact show how skillful the competitors are.Stage 9 was taken away by Honda. Previous few stages was disastrous for the HRC team till Joan Barreda saw hope although he was down on luck. Together with…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 8 - Marc Coma to the top

Cold comes right after hot. After much suffering, the riders have to endure the freezing temperature at Stage 8. The condition was not any much better than the previous few stages. It was hard on the riders as well as their bikes. With many challenges here and there, some got through it with their astonishing performance while some just got caught up. Spanish rider, Joan Barreda was leading the overall list but his streak ended off at stage 8. He…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 7

Back after the break, it's back to stage 7. Marc Coma got closer to being the top after stage 7. During the race, Barreda met a problem that slow him down. Barreda finished the race with a broken handlebar after a heavy crash due to slidding along the muddy road. Barreda then had no choice but to continue his race with just the right. After stage 6, Coma was 12 minutes behind Barreda but now, he successfully lived up to his words and is now 6 minutes…
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Dakar 2015 Stage 6

Finally, Dakar Stage 6 ended off as Helder Rodrigues celebrate his first stage win. After 6 completed stages, the Honda HRC Rally team is in control of the standings currently. After the tough stage, the portuguese racer managed to clear the stage first, just 1 minute and 10 seconds faster than Toby Price. Rodrigues was ranked 10 after stage 5 but, after his amazing performance, he manage to climb his way up to rank 6 in the overall standing. Rodrigues…
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Motorcycle COE System

From 2003 to 2013, there has been a great increase in the number of vehicle in Singapore. According to the official Land Transport Authority (LTA), the number of cars jumped greatly from 405k to 621k and the number of motorcycle increased only from 134k to 144k. With this increase, cars are calculated to be taken up, up to 64% with motorcycle being 15%. Because of such increment, the Certificate of Entitlement premium (COE) for motorcycles has went…
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