MV Agusta’s Brand New “RVS” Motorbike Concept

MV Agusta has recently debuted their “Reparto Veicoli Speciali” or “RVS” bike from their special vehicle development unit, collaboration between the designers and engineers at MV Agusta’s Castiglioni Research Centre.       MV Agusta says that RVS is what happens when you let designers be free with their imagination and engineers create those ideas freely. The result for the first version of their…
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Valentino Rossi “Not Very Happy” To Race In Thailand

  Image source: Motogp   Thailand’s Buriram circuit is most likely going to be added to next year’s MotoGP calendar. While MotoGP promoter Dorna has yet to acknowledge any deals, the Sports Authority of Thailand has indicated that it has signed a three-year agreement to host a grand prix, stating October 5-7 2018 as the maiden date. It is assumed that it would be in conjunction with one of the three flyaway races in Asia and…
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The New Honda RS150R Winner Launch

  Today we were invited by Boon Siew Honda to the launch of the Honda RS150R and we have to say, we were impressed. The RS150R is a “SuperCub” that has the potential to rule the streets for years to come.     When we got there the place had an atmosphere of suspense as they were getting ready to reveal the bike. What felt like an eternity later as they pulled the covers off the bike. And boy were we amazed, The sleek…
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Motorcycle Number Plate In Singapore

  In the past the number plates were vastly different, As Singapore was part of the Strait settlement in early 1900s, the very first plate numbers for motorcycles started with the SA series.  The "S" to represent Singapore, "A" for motorcycle.     which were then changed to the "A" series Motorcycle number plate. "AA - AZ"       This lasted until the mid-1980s, which back then called State of Singapore Registry…
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Motorcycle Vehicle Log Book & Card Of The Past

  Owning a vehicle is in the past is vastly different from owning a vehicle now. It is so much more convenient now as compared to the past, just take a look at the examples below. From 1972 to 1986 you had to have one of these log books if you wanted to own a vehicle.       Pretty inconvenient huh? Well in 1986 LTA(Land Transport Authority) changed it to log cards, making everybody’s life easier. They looked like this  …
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Top 10 Most Popular Class 2B Bikes In Singapore

Welcome to our list of most popular class 2B bikes in Singapore, please note that this is our opinion and from what we observed. This list contains older bikes that can only be purchased as second hand as well as newer bikes. Without further ado… Let's begin!    At Number 10 we have the reliable Honda CB190R     It is easy to learn on, low maintenance and fuel efficient (a full tank costing around $20 will last 500km!).…
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Triumph Is The New Supplier Of Engines For Moto2

  There were rumours since last year about Triumph signing a deal to build the control engine for Moto2 from 2018 onwards, however, there were no confirmation from the owners as they wanted to keep it under wraps until the deal was signed. Those rumours proved to be partly true as Triumph has been announced the official engine supplier to the Moto2 class. They will supply a specially modified version of the engine for their new Street Triple line…
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BMW S1000XR: Adventure Sports Perfection

BMW S 1000 XR: adventure sports perfection.     The motorbike with the dynamic performance of a racer, the upright seat position of an adventure machine and the endurance of a tourer. The BMW S 1000 XR combines the best aspects of all these worlds to create BMW Motorrad's first adventure sports bike: perfect for anyone who wants performance and comfort in one bike.   Design: the perfect fusion.     The S 1000 XR is exceptional…
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Sporty Repsol Honda CB190R

If you have been following news about Honda of late, you would already know that they have already launched their latest CB190R in China and Argentina.     We have good news for you: this beautiful bike is available in Singapore as of this very moment. We’ve been stalking the website of Boon Siew Motors (the only official distributor of Honda bikes and scooters in Singapore) and were absolutely delighted when we spotted the CB190R…
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Cheap Motorcycles Auction! All Must Go!

Worrying if the cost of bikes will increase? Fret not, for we have the perfect solution for you. Hilco Industrial is putting many items up for auction, and some of these items include motorbikes. Some of the other items that will be put up for sale also include various types of office furniture, projectors and mini refrigerators.   Salivating yet? The auction will take place from 13 - 21 July 2016, so do hurry and place your bids before you…
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